A bit of history....


The water district started in 1976 as a small group of homes digging two small wells and running pipeline to each of those homes.  In 1979, that small system was purchased by a group that formed Geary County Rural Water District #4.  After a couple of years of discussion, in 1981 the District formed the boundaries that today make up RWD4.  A loan was obtained from FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) and the pipelines were laid.  A long term lease was secured and two new larger wells were dug on Corps of Engineer land and to this day produce water.  The District has continued to grow year after year.  In 1993, the Stand Pipe providing pressure for the system was replaced by the current 150,000 gallon water tower, which you see out front of the district’s office.   For many years, the  District met for its monthly meeting at a small building located at the corner of Old Milford Road and Pleasant View School Road.  As this facility additionally housed an underground storage tank and booster pumps to send water from the tank to the tower, it had the inherent problems of limited space for meeting attendees and strong odors from  required chemicals.  In 2000, the Board decided to build an office building, which is now located at the present location on Quarry Rd.  Monthly meetings are held at the office every first Wednesday at 7 pm. 

 Many of our long term patrons will remember the discoloration in the water.  After much discussion, the board agreed to the building of a new iron removal filtration plant at the pumping facility on Old Milford Road.  This facility removes most of the iron and manganese that for years stained household fixtures and discolored clothing. 

 The District continues to grow.  Customers such as Milford State Park and Acorn Resorts have contracted to purchase water.  The City of Milford also purchases water for their use from the District.  As a result of that continued growth, in 2010 the board had a new larger capacity well constructed which is now in service providing for the growing needs.

 The Board continues to look at ways to improve the district.  We are giving consideration to automatic meter reading,which many patrons have expressed they would like, and the expansion of water storage capacity to help with the growing demands on the district.