Instructions for Residential Rural Water Connection

Please contact our office for an appointment to fill out this form and pay your deposit Call 785 238-7299 for more information and leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

1.     The application and water transfer process is very quick and simple.  Call our office and arrange to come in and the form can be filled out and signed there.  This process takes very little time to complete. Open hours for customers to come to the office are 4PM to 5PM daily.

2.      The District will require that you post a $150.00 deposit before your account is transferred into your name.  This deposit is required by all parties and is not waived.  Your deposit will be returned after either being on the district five years, (you must request in writing for it to be returned), or when you move.  You will receive a letter with additional information about the District when your account is set up.  Also, once your account is set up you will be required to pay the monthly minimum, whether any water is used or not. 

3.      The District periodically experiences discoloration in it water and recommends that all homes maintain a whole house filter.  Depending on where in the district you will be living will depend on the frequency you have to change out your filters.  The District recommends that every household maintain a whole house filter. The water is also hard, so if you require softened water you may need to install a water softener.




If you have any questions you may contact the District at (785) 238-7299, leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.  At the time of transfer all fees and deposit are collected.  The District does not take credit or debits cards so payment must be in form of check, money order and or cash.

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