What if I have discolored water?

Because of the large amounts of Iron and Manganeese that our water has in it, we are not able to remove it totally through our Filtration Plant.  You may experience discolored water every now and then because of this.  The discoloration can run from a darker brown to barely detectable yellowish color.  Neither of these minerals in the water are a health issue, but rather a  nuisance.  If this occurs, flush your water, through a faucet in your home, until it clears up and you are satisfied it is clear.  Ways of helping this from being detected in your home is having a whole house filter.  This will remove particulates from the water.  This is again just an aid to help with the issue.  Water softners are not designed to help with discoloration, but to soften the water.  There are other things that can cause water to change color, such as a water line break from the meter to the house, put most customers have been able to clear up their water by flushing.  The District will check the water lines in the area and flush hydrants if the water in the main lines is also discolored.

What do I need to do to get my new account set up?

If you are buying or renting a home within the District, you need to contact the district by phone for further instructions.  You will need to come to the office and fill out a quick application and pay your $150.00 deposit.  The Office hours are from 4pm to 5pm daily.

What do I do when building a new home? 

If you are building a new home, first please contact the district to determine if water is available where you are building.  If it is determined it is, then you will need to come by the office, fill out the New Benefit portion of the application and pay the cost of the new benefit unit and deposit.  The application must be accompanied by a check before the Board will consider it for approval.  The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month, so application must be in office for processing prior to the meeting. 

What should I do if I have either low or high water pressure?

Most issues with water pressure are due to things that occur in your home.  First thing you should do if you have no water is to check to see if you water shut off valve, in the house, is on.  If that is not the case, then emergency repairs by the district should be posted on the home page.  Many of us have whole house filters, if your water pressure shows a drop in pressure, you should check you filter and clean.  Water leaks between the meter and the house can also be a cause of lack of pressure. If if feel that you have to high of pressure at your home you will need to contact a plumber about possibly installing a pressure regulator.  The regulator would usually need to be placed where the water line enters the home. 

 How do I check for leaks?

First thing you need to do to check for leaks between the meter and the house is to shut off your shut off valve in your home.  Next go out to your meter, examine the pit for water, if their is water, call the district.  If no water present, look at the face of your meter, somewhere on it will be a small red triangle.  Look carefully to see if that triangle is turning.  If it is, that tells you there is a leak between the house and the meter.  You will need to contact a plumber for repairs.  If it is not turning, go back into the house, turn on your shut off valve and then make sure nothing is on it the house using water, go back out to your meter.  Look again at the small triangle, if it is not moving, you should have no leak, if it is moving that will tell you, something in the house is leaking and again you will have to contact a plumber for repairs.  The customer is responsible for all repairs from the meter to the house.

How do I contact a Board Member?

The best way to contact a member is to go to our Contact Us page and leave a question for a board member.  The message will be forwarded to that member.  Everyone is encouraged to attend our Board Meetings being held each 1st Wednesday of each month.  This is the best way to get your questions answered and you to learn what your Board does.

What constitutes an emergency?

If you are out and about and happen to see water coming out of the ground, you need to please call the district immediately.  If you are totally out of water, please check with neighbor's first to see if they are having the same problems.  If so, check the web site for information on water outages, if nothing is posted then call the district.  You will have to leave a message.  District personnel are usually aware of any major water outages and are in the process of fixing them, and will have water back on as soon as possible.  When repairs are on the way, do to lack of district personnel, your calls may not be returned.  We are making every effort to post all emergency/other water outages, either on the Home page of this site or in the news page.  Please check the website regularly for information.

What happens to the water bill if I rent my house and the renters move without paying?

If you own a home and decide that you want to rent that home you need to make sure that the renters contact the district to get the water account placed into their name.  This does not change the ownership of the benefit unit or right to water, it only sends the bill to them for payment.  The ultimate person responsible for the payment of water used on a property is the owner of the home and or benefit unit owner.  If in the case a renter moves out and does not notify the district so that the account can be placed back into the name of the owner or possible property managers, and they owe the district monies, that amount is the responsibility of the owner to pay.  Normal collection procedures will apply.  Also the home owners will have to keep a deposit on file as long as they are renting that property.