The District is in the process of improving out filtering process.  This will be going on for the next couple of weeks or so.  You may experience a greenish tint or light orange or brown.  It is iron and manganeese in the water that is currently not being filtered out.  Both are nusinances but not health issues.  The process of cleaning out filters will also require more periods of back washing, which cause a drop in pressure out in the system.  If you are using water and experience a pressure loss, turn off the water for about 10 minutes and pressure will probably come back up.  This too will stop on the frequent basis once this project is complete.  We have several projects associated with the improvement of the water going on for the next month or so.


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Current RWD #4 Board Members

Don Sheffield, Chairperson    Email:
Tim Hansen, Vice Chairperson
Roger Erichsen, Secretary
Matt Morris, Treasurer
Brad White, Member
Galen Hansen Member
Katie Miller, Member

The Board of Directors meets at our office every 1st Thursday of each month.  For the time and date please see the calendar.

Kansas One Call 811               

Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA)
KRWA provides training, technical assistance and financial resouces to cities and Rural Water Districts. 
Check out their site for information statewide.

Kansas Department of Health and Enviroment (KDHE)
KDHE is the state level agency responsible for testing and compliance of all water rules within Kansas.
Check out their site for questions and answers of those issues.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA is responsible for rules and regulations governing drinking water in the US.

Kansas Water Drought Maps
Maps and information of drought conditions in Kansas

Kansas Department of Administration
Posting for the annual audits of Rural Water Districts