17 Sep 2014

Automatic Meter Reading (NO MORE SELF METER READING)

Author: Clifford White  /  Categories: General News  / 
The District is replacing all residential meters with automatic meters, that the District will begin to read each month.  You the customer no longer need to read your meter and send the reading back to the District.  This will be completed with the October bills we send out.  As your old meter is replaced we are taking that reading, which will be billed on your September bill.  Your October bill will be for water from the time the new meter is installed to October 27.  This will bring our billing service up to the date and no longer be a month behind.  Each month the District will read the meters on or about the 27th and bills will continue to go out on the 28th. unless it falls on weekend or holidays. 

So you no longer need to read your meters and there should be no need to enter the meter pits at all.  You will also notice that the new bills being sent out will no longer have a place you can put a reading on them.  Everything else will be the same.

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