4 Jan 2018

Extreme cold temperatures

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The recent cold spell that we have experienced have brought about some unseen issues.  We have recieved calls from customer that they have no water and our lines must be frozen.  When checked all have been found to have water flowing thru the meters and the setter in the pit unfrozen.  When check there was no flow return through the line from the house to the meter, meaning something was blocking the line.  It is assumed that the water line from the house to the meter is frozen.  The District put precautions in place when we replaced the meters by placing a foam cushion in the pit, to keep the meter and setters warm.  As long as the cold air is not introduced into the pit, there meter should not freeze.  ALso District water lines are placed below the freeze line, which is 36 inches in Kansas.  We have been putting messages asking for your help by making sure that the meter lids are sitting tightly on top, with no gaps.  Also make sure you take dirt and build up around the outside of the pit so no gaps between ground and meter pit.  These small things can prevent freezing problems in the winter. 

As for the frozen lines between the house and meter, unfortunatley there is nothing the district can do.  All of us are at the mercy of the home builders as to how deep the water lines are placed in the ground to keep them from freezing.  If you think you might have problems with frozen lines you can leave a little water running , like in a bathtub, over night.  Also if you have pipes near outside walls, then leave things like cabinets open to allow warm air to the pipes. 


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