2 Jul 2020

Improvements made to the Districts Filters

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The District has recently replaced what is call media in our two filters.  What the media is a sand product that filters out mainly particulate caused by Iron and Manganeese.  We have all been experiencing discoloration from time to time.  This is due to the media becoming fouled and no longer removed the iron and manganeese properly.  We are truly hoping that this will clear up the water and that through specific maintance procedures, keep the water clear.  We have just completed the break in period for the media and have been flushing the entire system, making sure the water in the line now is clear.  Of course all this does not mean that you may not experience discoloration now and then.  There are other cause for the discoloration that we are working to remedy, so if experience discolor, you just need to flush till it goes away.

The Distirct still recommends that you have a whole house filter.  We recommend the filters that look like tight woven yarn and five microns see below.  They should catch any particulate in the water that might be entering the house.  The thing to remember about whole house filters is not to look at them all the time.  They will let you know when they need replaced.  Normally this comes in the form of lower water pressure or some will release a bit of the filtered particulate and cause you water to become discolored.

Filter for Whole house filter

Whole House Filter

We hope that this article is helpful, and should you have any questions you can call the office at 785 238-7299, anytime.


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