21 May 2018

Water Tower repairs and painting

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Over the next two to three weeks the District will be having the Water Tower on Quarry Rd repaired and repainted.  During much of the time the tower will have to be emptied, so you may experience periods of low pressure.  The District will do everything it can to prevent that, but in may still occur. 

The Tower will be sandblasted down to bare metal, then new primer and paint will be applied.  This process takes some time to do.  Also there are repairs to the interior of the tower going on at the same time.  These repairs are a must to extent the life of the tower for many years to come. 

We ask that if you do experience low pressure, just cut back on your usage.  Also cut back on the watering of your lawns and any non essentials, particularly out door activities.

Thanks you for you help with this and we will post another message as soon as we have the project completed.


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